About Us

Perry Chevrolet, Inc., was founded in 1961 by R. Edward Perry. Justin Perry and Dennis Harper bought the company in 1983. Justin Perry completed a planned buyout from Dennis Harper several years later. Perry Automotive Group, Inc., was formed as an automotive holding company in 1987. It acquired the Nissan franchise and incorporated Perry Nissan, Inc., that same year. Perry Legend Collision Repair Center was opened as an independent company in 1986. Justin Perry and Bill James owned the company. Justin Perry sold his stake to Bill James and Bill Rajewski in 2001. Perry Automotive Group, Inc., launched Collision Center of Columbia in early 2007, a wholly owned subsidiary.

Collectively, the companies employ over one hundred thirty people and exceed $80 million in sales per year. Our strong commitment to customer satisfaction and market leadership has enabled us to deliver over seventeen thousand vehicles in just the past five years.


Each day we strive to improve customer satisfaction by becoming more professional, more efficient and effective, more innovative, and more productive.


Collision Center of Columbia is a division of the Perry Automotive Group.


Our strong commitment to customer satisfaction and market leadership has enabled our success.
Each day we strive to improve satisfaction.
It is up to each member to be their best everyday and insist that others on the team do the same.


 Collision Center of Columbia offers benefits to full-time employees.

Benefits Available

Benefits available to all full-time employees:

  • Blue Cross Major Medical Healthcare Plan
  • Guardian dental plan
  • $50,000 Life Insurance coverage
  • AFLAC accident and cancer coverage
  • Workers compensation coverage
  • Paid Vacation
  • Cafeteria Plan with un-reimbursed medical and childcare reimbursement

Work With A Team

Our success will be determined by how well we execute as a team.
We, CCofC, must be:

  • More Professional
  • More Productive
  • More Effective
  • More Innovative
  • More Organized
  • More Consistent

as a team than our competition.

Lead By Example

It is up to you to be your best every day and expect the same from everyone else on your team. Educate when you can, seek education when you need to. Utilize our team systems as designed to execute your role in the team processes and insist that others on your team do the same.


Collision Center of Columbia employees are professional, productive, effective, innovative, organized and consistent.